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His peers and previous managers have great respect for him- not only for his technical ability but also for his passion and attention to detail. The focus and initiative he demonstrates each day further shows self-sufficiency as a engineer and good corporate citizen. Josh only needs a mission and he'll deliver. One needs only give him a task, point him the right direction and let him go. He will execute with excellent attention to detail and high quality results.
- Manager
The high level of accountability and initiative Josh has demonstrated as a contributor and employee ... has been impressive and highly appreciated. Josh recognized the business critical nature of those infrastructures he supported and ... he embraced and followed through on the associated tasks to the benefit of the company. And he's followed through on these tasks with technical acuity.
- Manager
Josh's close partnership with the UE designer and app developers yielded a seamless customer experience between the app and the help content. Josh's focus on creating a scalable solution will enable efficient content localization and the addition of new products without substantial code changes. The thorough training Josh provided to the product owner and UE designer on how to manage the content themselves was appreciated by the business as was his diligent work and attention to detail.
- Manager
Every organization needs a performer like Josh. He is proficient in multiple disciplines and a great member of the team… I repeatedly ask him for feedback prior to responding to client, simply to ensure the team's response is clear and well-informed. If I could bring him into every meeting, I would seriously consider doing it.
- Business Analyst
In Josh's world, change is an everyday occurenece - things come out of left field without warning. He always handles change gracefully and effectively. His lively mind enables him to keep on his toes and roll with the punches. As a natural teacher, he also helps others to embrace change.
- Manager
He always suggested optimum ideas to implement the requirements, discussed those clearly with other team members, was open to take up any good ideas suggested by other team members, and most importantly, excellent in summarizing them regularly and sending them through mails to keep everybody on the same page.
- Cross-Functional Peer
I formally recognized Josh for a specific activity… to troubleshoot critical production bugs. He not only helped out solutions with the business, he took the opportunity to repair issues that fell outside the defined scope of his responsbilities.
- Manager


Bose Connect Mobile Site

CSS, HTML, JS, Razor (C#), Umbraco

Bose Hear Mobile Site

CSS, HTML, JS, Razor (C#), Umbraco

Bose Bluetooth Updater


Bose Website

CSS, HTML, Java, JS, Perl, XSL

Bose Professional Website


Bose Cadillac Website


BabagaNewz Website

Actionscript, CSS, HTML, JS, PHP


On-boaring and Referential Content

Work Prior to 2010

Actionscript, CSS, HTML, JS, PHP

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